Apply here / 無料会員登録はこちら

The official mask purchasing ticket information has been released from Ishikawa Prefecture. Check the below information provided by Ishikawa Prefecture!

【Purchasing masks, support arrangements from Ishikawa prefecture】

Ishikawa prefecture has made a support arrangement for purchasing masks to prevent the spread of new Coronavirus (COVID-19), with the cooperation of Kusuri No Aoki Holdings Co., Ltd.

They have already started posting mask purchasing tickets (yellow postcards) to all the houses from Monday May 11, 2020. If you want to purchase masks with this arrangement from any Kusuri No Aoki store in Ishikawa, then bring the provided ticket with you.

The sale is scheduled to start from Monday, May 18.

Please contact them at the inquiry desk below regarding any questions you may have in relation to purchasing masks. Request to refrain from calling to any Kusuri No Aoki store for this inquiry.

Inquiry desk

They have opened the “Ishikawa Mask Project Center” for inquiries about mask purchasing services.

Ishikawa Mask Project Center

Opening Period: May 11 – June 10, 2020 (including weekends and public holidays)

Opening Time: 9:00 – 18:00

Phone Number: 076-225-1909